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Go With Single-Speed Bike for Low Maintenance Mountain Biking

Single-speed mountain bikes have grown in popularity over the years. It seems almost every mountain bike manufacturer in the business is offering a single-speed. Someone new to mountain biking may seem confused when they realize that some people choose to ride a bike with only one gear. One of the best reasons to ride a single-speed is the easy maintenance it offers.

Anyone who has done serious off-road riding knows how much abuse a bike's drivetrain can take. Unlike road bikes, mountain bikes face many more dangers than simply destroying a drivetrain. When mud, dirt, and sand make their way between the cogs on your chain and in your cassette, they're chipped away in parts until the bike shifts properly.

Once enough damage has been done, there is no recourse but to go to your local shop and replace the parts. If you’re looking for a single speed/fixie bikes then browse the internet. 

The single-speed mountain bike drivetrain is pretty simple, with a chainring up front and a cog in the back. It doesn't make you immune to the ravages of dirt and mud, but the single-speed drivetrain is a lot easier to clean than the geared brother.

Switching from a geared mountain bike to a single-speed can save you the headache of dealing with a temperamental drivetrain and a significant amount of cash over the life of the bike. Above all, single-speed riding lets you simplify your riding experience and reconnect with the pure joy of mountain biking.