How To Download Garmin Nuvi GPS Updates Using Mygarmin Account?

To stay updated with the latest roads, streets, shops, buildings, and recently opened restaurants in your area, you simply need to update the Garmin Nuvi GPS maps. There are two ways to download and install the latest maps on your Garmin device.

We will discuss the steps to update the Garmin Nuvi maps using ‘My Garmin’ account, so if you are using Garmin Nuvi, then you can follow below-mentioned steps to update your Garmin Nuvi device without much of an issue.

  • Go to https Garmin com and login to the account.
  • Enter the login credentials in the given field and press ‘Enter’.
  • Now, connect the Garmin Nuvi device to the computer or laptop.
  • From the ‘Garmin account’, click on ‘Add a device’ and select the ‘Nuvi’ from the list.
  • Enter the model number and the serial number of your Garmin Nuvi device.
  • Read on-screen instructions to register Garmin Nuvi.
  • You will find the ‘Order now’ option to purchase the latest maps.
  • If you want free updates, you need to click on download free maps updates.
  • Click to save the maps in your computer using the ‘Save GPS maps file’ option.
  • Finally, replace the existing file in the Garmin device with the new file using Garmin software.
  • You need to install the latest file in the GPS device using the USB cable.
  • Try launching the new maps online from the device.

After updating the maps, all the latest routes, roads, streets, and shops will be added to the list and you will see nearby sight-seeing on your map. If you want to perform an update for your Garmin Nuvi software, then you can do this from the Garmin Express itself. There is no need to connect the Nuvi device to the internet for this purpose. If you need any further help or assistance in this regard, you can contact the Garmin Experts available round the clock at your service. Just keep in mind that the device needs to be up-to-date for you to take any benefit from it.

Hire A Best Car Rental Service Provider In Thailand

Car rental services have become popular because of increased transportation needs.  Car rental is the best option when you are traveling with family to enjoy your holiday in other countries.

You can easily find out the best car rental services that offer services according to your preference. This is a good sign for a safe and comfortable trip.

Car Rental Companies in Thailand offers the best car rental services in all famous destinations. They will provide you a modern car with a highly trained driver.

When you get yourself into a car driven by a professional driver, you will find yourself in the comfort and safe zone.  You can also check out rental cars in Phuket at cheap price (which is also known as ‘กรถเช่าในจังหวัดภูเก็ตในราคาถู‘ in the Thai language) through online websites.

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Online Booking

Sometimes you get frustrated to find the best car rental company. You can check out various online car rental websites, these car rental websites have the all-important information about the available cars.

You can see photos of available cars also you can book a rental car according to your choices. One of the most important factors about these car rental companies offers a discount scheme to their customers for booking early.

There are many professional car rental companies are available 24/7  for customer service to provide relevant information.  They have professional staff, you can ask briefly about their services.

Dont miss the golden chance to visit Sri Lanka


People these days have become so rigid to their schedule that they don’t want to go anywhere. However, a break is quite necessary. If a person continuously keeps working then he or she may get bored with their life very soon. Therefore, spending some time with your loved ones is very necessary. Holidays are meant to enjoy and if you are not even enjoying your holidays then it can make you dull and stressed. To work with full energy one should definitely take out some quality time for themselves.

Travelling makes you learn more

Yes! In spite of books and classroom travelling is one such medium which gives you deep knowledge about different places. Every country has their own culture and traveling to different countries can help you to enrich with their cultures. Sri Lanka is one such beautiful place that has its own essence. One should definitely visit to this place once in their life.

Explore the best of things

Bored with the daily routine? Then you should make a visit to this country without delaying it anymore. Sri Lanka tour will definitely make your trip the best trip ever. Endless beaches, thousands of elephants, flavourful food, and many more things will make your trip more exciting and fun. This time plan your trip to Sri Lanka and see the different things and places. This tour will provide you with full service. Instead of sparing your holidays utilize them and enjoy every moment of your life. Book your tickets now!

How to Stay Safe During a Vacation?


A vacation is one of the best ways of getting away from our busy hectic schedule. It also a way of traveling with our loved ones while there are those who travel to feel rejuvenated. Professional travelers, however, understand the importance of staying safe during their travel. And if you’re someone who is traveling to a new location for the first time, then these are a few helpful tips to stay safe at all times.

  1. Avoid Using Social Media – If you’re someone who has tons of followers on social media, then you need to avoid using during your travel. There are those who may be jealous of you traveling to a location they haven’t traveled before. Plus, there’s also the chance of cyber-crime.
  2. Be in Touch with your Loved Ones – Your friends and family members should always be kept on alert basis especially while you’re traveling.
  3. Store your Money and Cards at Different Places – Keeping your money and credit cards in a safe place is absolutely crucial during your vacation. One of the best ways to practice this especially when it comes to cash is to keep some inside your wallet and the remaining in one of your pockets. For your credit cards, you should try to use it unless or until it is necessary.
  4. Make Copies of Your Passport – Before you step out of your house, ensure you make a few copies of your passport. Hand over a few to your trusted friend and keep the remaining with you.

Follow these tips and also get the best package for your Indonesia tour.