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How To Sync Files In Render Farm?

Do you want to know about how to synch files in render farms? Well, Go through this article you will definitely go to get your answer. You can rent render farms from various companies like animation tech in Los Angeles and NYC.

Synchronizing files in the render farm is easily enough. To key shot save the file as a package render keyshot (KSP). File- save as key shot package.

Once you are ready to keyshot the batch file, copy it to the sync folder under project_files. 

When you are done with uploading your files then it will download .ksp (Keyshot Package) as a zip file where all your textures images, with a major Keyshot file that will be zipped together.

If the problem persists, open the application software to make your cloud, and try to force a sync. You'll get a notification for any actions.

Let's Render

  • Open render boost on the web, log in if necessary.

  • In the upper right corner you should see submit a job, click on it so that you should look like the following one:

  • Now select the software (in this case keyshot) and version, then select the "Select the project file," you should see a file there choose it and click submit. 

  • Fill in making arrangements and for rendering type 1 and hit enter. Select the resolution, premium, or economically made, the type of quality, and advanced options as well.

  • After the completion of the press "Submit Job Now", after a lot of things going on.

  • Folder creates (on your PC) for them to render, the frame to be stored.

  • Next after making complete, within a few minutes of downloading the .zip file that contains the rendering.