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Choosing the Right Strap For Your Watch

A watch repair shop is your first port of call if your watch has been damaged. You can explore different watch straps while your local watch repair shop completes repairs. Different watch straps will suit different lifestyles, so it is important to choose the right one to make your timepiece last.


Leather straps, a classic style that is available in a variety of colors, are a popular choice for watch repair shops when refurbishing watches. A leather strap is an excellent choice if you wear your watch to work. It is timeless and long-lasting. A brown leather strap is versatile and can be worn up or down to match casual or formal outfits.

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Rubber straps are ideal for waterproof watches or sports watches. They can withstand saltwater and will not be damaged by saltwater, unlike leather. Rubber straps are great for casual wear, but not so well for work.


NATO straps are woven straps that are most commonly used for army watches. A NATO strap can also be used for everyday watches. You can swap the NATO strap easily, making it versatile. It's worth looking at the various NATO straps available when your watch needs repair. A woven NATO watch strap should not be worn when you are active or as a daytime watch.