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Beginners Guide to Starting a Reef Aquarium

The Aquarium Itself

Most of my clients buy tanks that are way too small and wind up upgrading in the future anyway. The minimum size for a saltwater aquarium should really be 54 gallons. Not only will you be able to keep most fish and corals in the tank, but your parameters (salinity, ph, and so on) will not fluctuate as far in a bigger tank. 

Purchase your aquarium and also an appropriate stand. To know about the best aquarium for your home you can visit

red sea reefer

Remember a 54-gallon aquarium weighs over 540lbs without any rock or sand in it so don't put it onto an old desk. Now that you have your tank and put it on a flat surface at home on any window where sunlight may influence the temperature. 

Verify the tank is sitting flat on the rack alone. This is particularly vital with bigger tanks because you don't want any tension points which can divide your tank's seams. 

Rock, Sand, And Lighting

Buy a quality reef sand, for example, CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand, and make sure there are at least 2-3 inches of a substrate at the bottom of your tank. This will help remove nitrates in the near future. We'll get into nitrates in the future but for now, just be certain that you purchase sand.

So far as lighting there is an assortment of choices out there. T5 High Outputs are a fantastic option to maintain your electric bill reasonably. 

You need to do a little research to find out what will suit your requirements. You're going to need approximately 2-3 20 lb bags for every 50 Gallons to achieve this. Now for the stone, you need to utilize what is called live rock or you may utilize dry reef rock that is readily available online.