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Multi-Cloud Customer Service

Several reports indicate that more than half of the new contact center solutions sold in the next two years will be cloud-based. The Communications as a Service (CaaS) model is increasingly meeting standard telephone requirements for customers to enable this change.  For more details about cloud customer service, you can visit this site –

Cloud-based telephony isn’t just a trend; it moves in an unstoppable wind of change, driven by logical advantage. However, as many customer services and other business applications are cloud-focused or already in the cloud, a storm of multiple clouds colliding is brewing. 

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The challenge is to provide quality care to customers during these turbulent times. In this white paper, we’ll cover the topic of cloud-based customer service, expand on cloud brokerage and the associated cloud, explain how roles are changing, and finally provide recommended next steps for those considering some or all of their cloud customer service infrastructure to move.

Cloud-based customer service

One of the main components is the business applications that customer service organizations use to manage customer relationships in sales, marketing, service and support, and another line of business functions. 

These applications are often bundled with customer relationship management (CRM) applications or vertical applications. However, there are still applications that are developed and maintained internally, some with improved graphical user interfaces and automatic manual functions to increase efficiency and accuracy.