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Find Elegant & Fashionable Hats Online

The hat is an accessory worn over the head for aesthetic reasons or to shield yourself from the hot sun or the cold winter weather. A lot of people have worn hats to decorate their heads and as a status symbol, or as security throughout history. There are many types and styles of hats to pick from.

The wide-brimmed hat that is made of straw is thought to be the oldest type of hat. It is believed that people wear this kind of hat to protect themselves from harmful sun rays. According to some, the straw hat began as soon as the first people were taught how to grow crops in areas of agricultural land. Replacing a damaged or lost straw hat is simple as braiding, weaving, or sewing straw into the hat is very simple to accomplish.

In earlier times the hat was worn to guard against the weather. It wasn't long before people began to wear fashion hats as an accessory or as an expression of their identity. One illustration of a hat that was used to symbolize could be the Phrygian cap from the ancient times of Greece or Rome. 

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Many slaves who received their freedom, wore caps to symbolize freedom. Royalties and monarchs naturally, use the crown to signify their status in the land. There are also caps that signify clergymen and priests.

Millinery increased in popularity until the early 20th century, but when fashion was introduced, the demand for custom hats began to slow down. The people began to wear hats smaller and smaller as women started to wear the hats for occasions and for dressing to glam. 

The 21st century may be favorable for the market for hats as this era is believed as being more flexible in terms of fashion and fashion. People can simply show off their personality with hats if they want to.