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Closing Your Pool for the Season: Winter Pool Covers and Accessories

As the warm days of summer coming to an end, it's time to think about closing your pool and install winter pool blankets and accessories. 

Winter covers prevent debris such as leaves of a tree falling into a pond in your land. Additional accessories such as air pillows to make sure that the cover stays in place and does not sag or fall into the pool. If you're looking for pool covers, you can browse this source:

When choosing a winter pool cover, it is best to choose a solid blanket of leaves on the net. While both prevent leaves falling into the water, just a solid cover helps prevent algae build-up.

 This makes opening your pool in the spring is much easier, because the water will be cleaner and the whole pool will take less time to clean. 

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A clean leaf allows rain and snow melt into your pond, which could require an additional swimming pool chemicals.

Choose a winter pool cover sized to fit your pool with an overlap on the edges. Some covers are made of special plastics, material resistant pool chemicals without coloring. 

Edges, seams and double loop should be sewn for added strength and longevity. The Aquamaster Winter Cover, for example, is made with Armorkote,

Air cushions are used with above ground swimming pool and winter cover. Air cushion created a bump in the middle of the pool under cover. Using more than one air cushion in the case of a break during the winter. 

This helps any rain, snow, ice or leaves that fall onto the slide cover to the side, rather than accumulate in the middle and weigh down the cover. 

You can easily clean up whatever falls to the side if necessary or at the opening of the spring. One of the most frustrating things that can happen is to have heavy snow cover in the middle collecting pool cover, push it down and potentially tear the side seams and grommets.