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How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean in Ontario

Buying great furniture is hard work. Harsh elements such as sunlight, dirt, mold, damage, bumps and scratches are just a few causes of rash damage to your furniture. The first part of maintenance is cleanliness. Therefore, regular observing is essential to keep away of all these dust sources from your furniture.

Garden furniture is classified according to the material it is made of. They can be made of wicker, wood, steel, aluminum, or cast iron and plastic. Each of these ingredients requires a different method of care and cleaning. You can also hire professional furniture cleaning services via

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1. The basket loom

 However, over time, the paint will slowly peel off and the furniture will gradually lose its moisture, which is a popular factor in its removal.The painted outdoor unit is easy to clean. You will need a soft bristled brush or a soft damp cloth to remove unnecessary dust or residue from your furniture.

2. Garden furniture from wood

Use a lint-free cloth such as cotton to polish your wooden furniture. Apply enough furniture varnish to the towel and scrub the surface in the direction of the wood grain. Follow the same direction you buffed for a more defined look. Use a specific type of furniture polish for each type of furniture to avoid stains.

3. Cast iron and steel

.You can clean this furniture with the help of gentle cleaning agents. You can treat it with car wax for a fresher look. Streaks can be covered with a thin layer of paint. Some cast iron consists of "powder coating".

4. Aluminum

Compared to cast iron, aluminum garden furniture is less dirty. Keeping it clean will extend the life of your furniture. You can replace it regularly and treat it with wax for a new coating.