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How NFC Can Be Used in Advertising?

NFC Tags have taken advertising to a completely different level than what it was just a few years back. It is a revolutionary technique that uses Near Field Communication and Quick Response technologies in order to increase brand exposure and provide product information to smartphone users.

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NFC for advertising


Vouchers and discounts are a convenient and quick way to tempt and incentivise consumers to try a product or service. Research has shown that consumers are more disposed to buy from a business if offered discounts.

An NFC tag contains a small amount of information – a web link, a text, or a command. Consumers can activate NFC tags embedded in smart posters to learn more about current promotions.

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The internet market is worth several billion dollars. More people are taking their shopping online. NFC can ease this transition. This makes buying and selling a lot easier.

Integration with social media

Social media plays an important role in the contemporary business environment. Businesses spend enormous sums of money to maintain and enhance their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

NFC offers a cheaper alternative. Businesses can reach out to more consumers by letting them “like” or “share” their products on social media through a tap. It is convenient, easier, and quicker.

NFC holds much potential. It can open up whole new avenues for advertising and engaging with customers. Businesses can use NFC to boost sales, spread information, and engage consumer interaction.