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All Know About Traditional Chinese Banquet

If you’ve been invited to a wedding or an event in China where you take part in a traditional Chinese banquet, consider yourself lucky-you are in for a sumptuous feast.

Everything has symbolism in a traditional Chinese wedding banquet (  also known asงานแต่งงานแบบจีนโบราณ in the Thai language).

You can see the environment of the banquet in which the red color appears in almost all-decor, food, table linens, and depending on the occasion, clothes. Red is the color of happiness and luck.

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Food is also an important part of Chinese wedding. In which we consisted of eight or more different cuisine’s, which can be depending on the type of wedding event. 

In the banquet Seating arrangement, people sitting at a round table for twenty guests enjoy the typical course of cold starter, soups, various meat, sea food, poultry, noodles and vegetable dishes, fruit and sweets.

In the Chinese tradition for couples to receive three toasts at a wedding: a happy marriage, eternal love, and have a child soon. Traditionally, the couple also went to each table to toast all guests.

Fresh fruit-like orange (good luck or wealth), plus lotus seeds with hot sweet red bean soup can also be served. And of course, enjoy your hot tea, which symbolizes respect.

The wedding banquet is to give blessings to the young couple and start them off on their long and fruitful journey through life together.