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Advanced Salesforce Reporting Features To Know

You cannot demonstrate the value to the business without effective reporting in Salesforce. You should be able to build reports within the shortest span through a simple drag and drop interface which are simpler to use.

Here are some of the reporting features that Salesforce Partners can offer organizations in addition to a simple drag-and-drop interface. To get more details about salesforce partners you may check it here.

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Custom Report Types

Standard report types are offered by default to Salesforce. Most of the standard objects such as Contacts & Accounts, Opportunities with products, etc are comprised of standard report types.

Standard report types are automatically created by Salesforce for most of the custom objects and relationships being built.

Based on whether you are making use of a Lookup or Master-detail relationship, the type of Salesforce report being created would depend. However, the relevance of Custom Report Types increases whenever companies wish to report more than two objects at a single time.

Exception Reports

Exception reports help you to identify areas where data does not exist and are created using cross filters. Normal filter drop-down usually consists of cross filters and it can be generated using any report type with a child object associated with it.

The cross filters would be used for filtering the child objects that are related to the primary object and this is how Exception Reports work. Specific fields on the child object can be filtered further by making use of Sub-Reports.