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Trauma – Living in the Moment

The trauma of any kind can have a profound impact on your life. Trauma can come in many forms. It can either be a natural disaster such as a tornado or an attack on a person or child.Trauma treatment doesn't discriminate between the strong and the weak. Trauma can strike anyone, any member of any family or friend.

Trauma is a condition that causes significant change and sometimes even negative change. Trauma is not something that families often refer to as joy, happiness, or fun. Trauma can be life-altering and disruptive.

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People who live in traumatized moments may view life as a series of small, but sometimes overwhelming obstacles. The blurred reality of life can cause many people to forget about the events that occurred. Life becomes chaotic, slow, dark, and bright with too much light. It is difficult to live with trauma.

Even though one feels like life is over, life continues, even if it seems impossible to go on or live another second. A traumatized person is like living in a hurricane's eye. At that moment, there is nothing but fear, heartache, and pain.

You try to control the emotions swirling around you, and keep them from getting stuck to you. Each one tries to land on your heart as it passes by. Sometimes, they are all alone. Other times, they can land together. It becomes difficult to breathe when they all land together. It is difficult to function. It is difficult to open your eyes.

Every breath takes effort, every heartbeat is felt, and time can seem to go by slowly. It can fly by as fast as time, with no updates, news, or changes to the trauma. We are still there, living with the trauma, feeling every beat and exhale, praying for the best, for hope, to get rid of the trauma.

It is overwhelming to live amid trauma. It is impossible to prepare for, understand, or walk away from trauma. Trauma can change the lives of everyone. There is no going back.