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Eyelash Extensions Myths You Should Know

Beautiful eyes are every woman's dream, along with a slim body, smooth skin, sharp nose, tan or white skin, bigger eyelids, and longer eyelashes. You are the one who is considered beautiful by the world community today.  

When it comes to beautiful eyes, many women with shorter eyelashes choose eyelash extensions to get longer eyelashes and look more beautiful. Asian women, for example, are mostly born with shorter eyelashes and therefore use eyelash extensions a lot. You can also get beautiful lashes from the best eyelash extension parlor near you

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However, there are many myths about eyelash extensions that you need to know so you don't fall for them if you decide to use extensions for yourself. Many people find lengthening painful. Well, that's when the common people do. When done by a professional eyelash stylist, it shouldn't hurt at all. So if you get it and it hurts, you should have it done by a trained eyelash stylist.  

They know how to do it right and safely so it doesn't hurt after you put it on. One of the biggest concerns women have about lengthening is that it will cause their natural eyelashes to fall out. The truth is that your eyelashes continue to grow and live for about 60-90 days. So don't be surprised if they fall. 

Another big worry and myth are that natural eyelashes come with growing eyelashes. The truth is the opposite. Extended lashes come with natural lashes that grow. If the natural lashes don't stick to the extensions, it means the extensions have fallen apart and you should go back to the stylist who did the extensions and get some explanation.