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Advanced collection filtering in Shopify App

Of course tags are the prescribed method to filter in the Shopify app, but you may be wondering what extra we can use to sort the results.

In theory, we can target each attribute of the object and the nested alternative object.

A complete list of product attributes and alternate objects is provided in the Shopify liquid reference information, but you should not overcomplicate it.

For necessities like size and custom color filter in shopify, we can simply use labels/tags and embed an easy prefix reader in the code. We take this way the primacy of the filtering capabilities inherent in the tag.

With Liquid's more complex code, we can create filters centred on other keywords such as trader, type of product, or even cost. The thing is, without using the URL parameter, how does the collection filter know what to filter and when to filter?

The substitute to use here is JavaScript.

In reality, most of the filtering apps you can find on Shopify use JavaScript to function.

Using JavaScript has two advantages:

1. AJAX filtering – this means you need not to refresh page while update filters, and

2. Ability to accept input from users without relying on URL

Actually, JavaScript is almost endless in its capacity when compared to Shopify Liquid, which is simple in design and works in a specific way.