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Tips for Choosing A Fingerprint Time Attendance System In Australia

Biometric technology allows a person to be identified based on inherent physical characteristics. There are several body parts that are commonly used for biometric identification such as fingerprints, faces, irises and palms. The fingerprint is the most widely used identification system. You can also visit to buy a fingerprint attendance system online.

Fingerprints not only reveal a unique model for each person, but also have other properties that make them a popular biometric object that is easy to capture, consistent throughout human life, and allows quick verification.

At present, fingerprint machines are widely used as standard office equipment. Its use covers a variety of purposes. It is used to control physical security access, authorize privileges for certain business processes, and log attendance. This article basically covers the last issue to help you choose a fingerprint device as your attendance recorder. Here are some features to consider when choosing a fingerprint device:

Sensor Type: The sensor is the most important part of the fingerprint device. It captures an image of the fingerprint before converting it into a unique identification number. There are two most common types of sensors: optical sensors and silicon sensors.
Optical sensors are the oldest type of sensor. Easier to apply and relatively more stable at different room temperatures. However, its performance is highly dependent on the cleanliness of the optical surface. For this reason, when choosing a fingerprint device with an optical sensor, you should consider a layered optical sensor. The bristles prevent direct contact with the sensor and keep the optical surface clean.