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The Consequences of An Allegation of Sexual Assault

First, it should be understood that the nature of criminal charges made radically affects the nature of subsequent police investigations. 

While “tunnel vision” can infect any investigation, it is mostly correct to say that a police investigation will at least attempt to determine: (a) whether a crime has been committed and (b) once the crime has been determined, who committed it.

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However, for some allegations, particularly allegations of domestic violence or sexual assault, no such investigation was conducted. Once an allegation of sexual assault is made, the veracity of the allegation is almost always accepted by police investigators, no matter how dubious the allegations or the character of the perpetrators. 

Subsequent “investigations” will consist of a process of gathering evidence to support the claim, rather than gathering evidence to determine whether the claim is true.

What happens? But the pendulum has swung since the days when allegations of sexual assault were not given enough weight. In the judiciary’s attempt to remedy past shortcomings, the pendulum has violated previously untouched principles of criminal justice designed to protect the innocent. 

The superior environment of political correctness, combined with official directives to police officers and royal lawyers, prohibits investigations into questioning sexual assault complainants. 

The policy does not allow police officers to exercise their discretion in filing charges, and prosecutors do not allow them to decide whether or not to proceed with cases once they come to court. 

Important changes in court procedures and evidence rules further complicate the path of anyone charged with these types of charges.

Applicants under the age of eighteen are not required to repeat the allegations in court, instead, their video testimony to the police will be available in court and will be considered as evidence in the case. So you will need to hire an experienced lawyer to discharge yourself from all these charges.