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Tasty and Healthy Japanese Cuisine – Sushi

Most people like Sushi because of the uniqueness of it. Sometimes, it has vegetables, fruits, eggs and tofu and is wrapped in seaweed that is chopped into bite size pieces. And you need to dip it into soy sauce with wasabi. It is better to serve with Sake wine. 

Also, there are various types of international style fusion sushi.There Nigiri, which are clumps of rice with toppings and sometimes took place with nori or seaweed. 

The Maki, which is a sushi roll . And sashimi, the sliced ​​raw fish or other seafood or meat.You can use this as an appetizer, snack or even a main dish. You can eat using chopsticks or only with your bare hands. Here are some of the advantages of eating Sushi:

  • The ideal diet for those with high cholesterol
  • Healthier than most food
  • Lowering blood pressure (when consumed in the right amount)

We can eat Sushi but too much of it may be dangerous and can cause disease. It is also not recommended for children because some of these materials are not cooked.

Fusion cuisine combines elements and techniques from different culinary traditions. In Kanji, dishes artfully combine traditional Japanese recipes with French and Italian influences.