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All You Need to Know About VPN

There are so many companies specialized in developing applications for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows and provide VPN services.

Broadband connection data are recorded and stored for legal reasons for at least five years by the Internet Service Provider. The stored data can be used by government authorities, but most of the time it is used by private investigation firm, spies economy and the illegal industry is most likely your competitors. There are many sites like Phone Year that will let you know about best VPN for android.

10 Best 100% FREE VPN Apps For Android Updated May 2020

Internet communications, e-mail, and password for the web site, the contents of the chat can be easily intercepted and taken directly from the technical infrastructure of the Internet Service Provider.

Some of the Nations first checking every Web access, block specific sites, prevent the use of free communication tools such as Skype, and legally prosecute those who use peer-to-peer even if they are being used legally “.

The IP address can be used to locate you through a log that you leave when you access the server or can be used to intercept your passwords, e-mail, the contents of the website you visualize. If you are using a “peer-to-peer” program and download illegal content error, you may end up in trouble without voluntarily do anything, just by leaving traces of your IP address.

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