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Testimonial Video – Tips For Putting Your Customers at Ease

Online and offline testimonial videos can be a great tool. It is a great way to build trust and convince others that your product or service is excellent by having customers praise it.

Many companies upload testimonial videos to company websites or video sharing sites such as YouTube. 

You will encounter some resistance from your customers because you are using real people and not actors. While some customers will freely provide a written testimonial, others may not feel comfortable being in front of the camera. 

The best testimonial video (which is also known as “meilleure vidéo de témoignage” in the French language ) should not exceed 30 seconds. You should let your customer know in advance that the video will be only 30 seconds long. This, along with the fact that a scriptwriter will be involved, can help convince your customer to speak up for you.

Video Testimonial Examples: Word Of Mouth Is The Best Advertising | Biteable

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You may choose to shoot your testimonial video at the customer’s home or in a studio depending on the product. If you have a custom pool installed, it makes sense to shoot on-site. 

If the customer has bought a product line from you, it may make more sense to shoot in a studio. Tell your customer where you plan to shoot the video testimonial. 

Highlight the benefits: Shooting at home near the pool will save your customer the need to travel, while studio shooting means the customer won’t have to worry about lighting and sound.