Can Finger and Thumb-Sucking Damage Toddler Teeth?

Do you ever wonder when your child should stop sucking their thumb? Do you ever wonder if thumb or finger-sucking is causing damage to toddler’s teeth? As both a mom and a dentist, this is a question I too had to ask. The answer to this is yes and no. Many toddlers love the comfort that thumb or finger sucking provides.

They feel safe, secure, and comforted by this small, seemingly harmless act. In fact, they often feel so comforted by it that we, as parents, are more concerned about making them stop rather than the potential damage it may cause. Especially because we know that the process will likely be full of tantrums and more sleepless nights!

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The thumb and finger sucking can be safe for teeth toddlers up to a certain age range. In general, the thumb or finger sucking safely until about the age of four. Children who suck their thumbs or fingers will get what they usually call the public “against the teeth.” This is when the teeth in the front of the mouth begin to stick out and it looks great and out of line with the other teeth.

This happens because the children’s teeth are easily transferred, and therefore take the form of any object placed between them. So, in time, you will find that the thumb or finger fits like a key in the lock in front of the tooth-sucking toddler’s mother.

Why Is It Important To Stop Your Child From Sucking The Thumb?

The picture of a sleeping child with his thumb in the mouth can be one of the sweetest things you can ever see. But when this kid grows up and suffers from this habit, it can be a bit worrying.

By about 4 years of age, a child should give up the habit of sucking on the thumb. However, in some cases, children get to the age of 6 when the urge to slip the thumb in the mouth is not old enough for them. You can also click here to know more about thumb sucking prevention.

Find ways to help calm your baby apart from sucking the thumb. This can occur through the use of a favorite stuffed animal or toy.

Add bitter fluid to the baby's thumb. Once you have spoken to the child and told that sucking thumb is not a good habit, tell them to learn how to stop it. The bitter fluid remaining on the child's thumb will serve as the target they should reach. However, many experts consider it a cruel technique.

Wait for the child to get some kind of inspiration and use it to stop the habit. Engage the child in more activities, which will require them to use all their hands. This will help to distract the child from this habit. The longer and more fun the activities are, the less they are about sucking on the thumb.

Be patient with the child. It is discouraged to try and convincingly stop a child's thumb-sucking habits before they are ready to stop on their own.