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Pool Cover Rollers – How Do You Choose Right One?

There are many casters on the market to cover pools and choosing the right one for your pool will depend on a number of factors.

* If you have a larger pool, say 50 sqm and above, it may be advisable to opt for fully movable casters with 4 locking wheels. This allows you to move the lid easily. In addition, fully articulated reels typically have a greater bottom-to-bottom pipe spacing, allowing for tighter coverage of the reels. 

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* Avoid telescopic tubes whenever possible. One-piece pipes are simpler, there are no bolts or plugs in the center of the tube which leaves a small gap for chlorine-containing water to flow and rust inside the tube, so one-piece pipes are usually trouble-free.

* Think durability when choosing. Casters with plastic feet or feet that are constantly exposed to the sun will not last as long as aluminum casters. Casters with plastic feet or legs should be avoided, even if they are less expensive. Currently, there are many powder-coated aluminum rollers that are priced competitively with the plastic version.

How to install a roller to cover the pool

* Pool cover reels are not intended to be bolted or attached in any way to the end of the pool. Pool cover rolls are designed to be stable enough to stand unsupported at the end of the pool and roll up or open the roof without the need to attach them to the pool deck.