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High-Quality Physics Tuition In Singapore

International Tutors is committed to providing the highest quality tuition at all levels across all subjects. Their core lessons are customized one on one individual sessions. See Holistic Education and Learning and Development Programme.

Students can be added to private lessons by the parent for an additional $300/hour per student (a significant saving on the per-student price). If you are looking for physics coaching in Singapore, then you can browse various online sources.

In addition to our fully customized one on one lessons, International Tutors offers small group lessons. These groups range from two to six students and are taught by the same high-quality subject experts as individual lessons. Small groups are priced at $480/hour per student. Small groups can be arranged for any subject at any level.

International Tutors was designed and developed to provide a complete academic service to students throughout their school and university years. We not only provide expert tutors across all subjects but offer a range of support services for our students' personal, professional and academic development. 

International Tutors is committed to raising the bar for the standard of private tuition in Hong Kong for all students. Our fees reflect the high quality of our tutors, the dedicated monitoring that all students receive, and what we believe is unique to a tuition provider, and our prime location.

As senior education professionals with deep knowledge and other education systems, they support teachers' professional career development. their consultancy service provides advice on the education sector, including research on individual schools, hiring, and salaries.