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What You Need to Know About Expedited Freight Services

When you have urgent freight shipments that need direct delivery to their destination, you need expedited freight services and a logistics provider in which you have the utmost confidence.

After all, you want a logistics partner you can trust to match your loads to the best suitable carrier and equipment to meet your time-critical shipping needs. You can't afford mistakes or delays. You can look for the best freight broker companies at

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There are four basic categories of expedited freight:

Expedited LTL or Less-than-Truckload – Like standard LTL service, expedited LTL shipments typically weigh between 100 and 10,000 lbs. With expedited LTL, your cargo is delivered directly to its final destination without being routed through one or more break-bulk facilities.

Expedited TL or Truckload – TL shipments typically weigh approximately 10,000 lbs. This category can include everything from palletized goods to cargo containers, bulk liquid management, and temperature-controlled transport.

Air Charter or Jet Service – For extremely time-sensitive shipments, air may be your best and/or only option. Experienced operations agents should work with you to match the appropriate air freight option to your cargo, whether you are shipping one small package or multiple cargo containers.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery – If you have already implemented a Just-in-Time Inventory Strategy or you are about to do so, you need a logistics partner that can develop a customized solution for you expedited freight objectives to reliably move raw materials, components and/or finished goods through your supply chain as they are needed, based on your production schedule requirements.