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How To Sharpen A Knife

The most important utensil that we usually use in the kitchen is one type of knife. But how often do you have a good set of sharp knives? We are sure it's quite rare for many of you. You can also visit to hire a knife sharpening service.

For serious cooks, how many times have you complained about the dullness of your knife or even promised to sharpen it later? Too many to count?

Sharpen The Dullness

Dull knives are not only useless but also dangerous, especially to the common and often careless cook.  Most people do not know how to properly care for a knife because they are too often in a hurry or are afraid to sharpen a knife. To get the most out of the best tools a chef has, it's important to know how to keep them in tip-top shape.

One of the most cost-effective and affordable sharpening knives is a sharpening stone. For those of you who already have it, do me a favor and print this post. Take it to the kitchen when you take out your whetstone. For those who don't have a boulder, you can get one at your nearest hardware store for just a few bucks.

Honing The Knife

Whichever method is most convenient for you to choose, it is important to finish the job with knife steel, also called sharpening steel. Moving the knife along the side of the sharpening steel (also called knife sharpening) will remove any rough edges or bumps that may have remained after the stone has been sharpened.

Maintenance routine

To keep your knife in tip-top condition, you should sharpen your knife once a month and smooth it before or after use. When you do, your knife will provide you with safe culinary and kitchen service for years to come.