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Medical Privacy Screens For Patient Personal Wards

Patients' privacy in public-sector hospital wards was traditionally achieved by using curtains on fixed rail systems to divide open bays into multiple patient areas. This is a more cost-effective and practical way to provide each patient with their own room.

Clean Privacy Screens can easily be installed without permanent fixings. They can be moved around with durable, medical-grade castors that move in place and then folded up concertina-style when not in use.

This system offers greater privacy than curtains and provides more privacy for patients. They are almost 2m high and 90mm from the floor. The panels have a solid construction that prevents translucency even under strong backlighting. 

CleanScreen systems are to be moved over long distances, to other sites, or stored in long-term storage, a separate trolley can be used. This will keep the screen compact and protect the castors from damage.

CleanScreen's mobile privacy screening system allows for temporary facilities to be set up quickly in other areas of the hospital or at other locations, such as community centres or sports halls, and without any tools or tradesman skills. 

They can be used to screen large numbers of people, provide privacy and temporary housing for those who need it. CleanScreen can then be folded and stored in compact storage until the demand for services returns.