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A Grease Trap Can Keep You Out Of Trouble In Auckland

Wastewater from almost every kitchen contains at least a small amount of grease, oil and grease. It is also called FOG. When these elements enter underground sewers, they are usually broken down by microorganisms in the septic tank. 

However, in a commercial kitchen, things are different. The amount of fog is very large and hardens, resulting in blockage of the drainage. The only way to avoid paying a plumber to open a pipe is to catch the oily substance at the right time. You can also avail the benefits of grease trap cleaning in Auckland via

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Interceptors have been around since Victorian times. In short, an interceptor or trap is a box-shaped device that is installed between the kitchen sink and the main sewer system. Most are made of metal or hard plastic and can be cleaned by hand. They need to be cleaned regularly. 

Some oils and fats, especially those from poultry products, can be smelled very quickly. In some cases, the company that sets the traps will also do the cleaning.

Use only at the kitchen sink outlet. They have to work there, not down the drain from the toilet or shower. Restaurant owners need to install it even if the store has a septic tank.

They are available in various sizes. The smaller ones can handle about four to eight gallons (15 to 30 litres) per minute and the larger ones 25 to 50 (96 to 190 litres). Traps can be placed inside or outside the building. Internal traps need to be cleaned more often. They are usually not as large as those used externally.