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Know How to Obtain Tourist Visa to Russia

The trip to Russia was a great option to get acquainted with the diversity of culture, ethnicity, and history of the country. International tourists and travelers can apply for a visa to Russia only in the area of citizenship, except for people with a residence permit for a period of 90 days.

When obtaining a visa to Russia through a Russian travel agency, a person informed of the necessary documents and the right way they have to be filled. Along with the passport, a person is expected to provide a letter of support when applying for a Russian visa travel visas. You can explore this source to know how to obtain a visa to Russia.

If you plan your travel Russia itself, not through a travel agency, can take a lot more to collect all the necessary documents. A traveler is to be careful when using a travel agent that provides a Russian tour.

The Complete Guide For Indian Citizens To Get Russian Tourist Visa

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In the case of traveler opts for hotel accommodation, the hotel is likely to apply for a visa. When staying in an apartment, the apartment owner is required to inform the immigration authorities about it earlier.

As a rule, rent a flat in Russia is rather expensive and tourists prefer comfort-inclusive hotel all to rent a flat. In general, there are three types of tourist visas to Russia in the event of one of Russia's roads travel: tourist visa, business visa, and visa homestay.

Regarding the business visa, they are aimed not only at business travelers, but also the foreign tourists who visit their friends and do not need hotel accommodation. Homestay visa is intended for travel categories that provide a written statement from friends or relatives in Russia who plan to host them during the trip.