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What Works Best For Cellulite Removal?

Cellulite affects over 80% of women. The puckering effect of cellulite is formed as fat pushes against connective tissue under the surface of the skin. While not harmful to one’s health, the appearance of cellulite can instill a negative body image and lower a person’s quality of life.

While cellulite has been extensively studied for decades, there are few treatments at ​​that can significantly reverse the condition.


  • Cellulite Creams – You’ve probably seen advertisements or infomercials featuring magic creams that make cellulite disappear. Unfortunately, many of these products have no scientific backing and little efficacy. However, there are a few products available that when used diligently can have a temporary effect on cellulite. In order to be effective, a cellulite cream or serum should contain a combination of hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and retinol. One that I recommend to my patients is Fitting Room by MyBody.
  • Massage – Professional massage can temporarily minimize the dimpling appearance of cellulite. However, this effect is very short-lived as indentation becomes apparent when fluids return to the area.
  • Mesotherapy – Originally developed to ease pain associated with inflammatory skin conditions, mesotherapy involves injecting minerals, vitamins, and other enzymes under the skin. While mesotherapy can break down fat leading to an improved appearance of cellulite, it can also cause negative side effects such as swelling and irregular contours. Mesotherapy is not an FDA-approved treatment.
  • Liposuction – Liposuction is an amazing procedure for removing localized fat deposits in the body. Liposuction does not, however, remove cellulite. In fact, depending on the specific treatment area liposuction could potentially make the visual effects of cellulite worse as fat removal could increase the indentation effects of cellulite on the skin.