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The Best Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

Of course, with so many concentrates to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down what types you should try first. We suggest these two concentrates the first few times you try. Also, don’t forget to follow proper dabbing etiquette when taking your hit. 


Not everyone wants to experience a high. Many people look to cannabis as an alternative medicinal supplement – CBD offers a lot of potential benefits, such as the treatment of PTSD, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, addiction, and insomnia, and CBD oil is an excellent way to experience the positive effects without having to light up CBD flower. You can even buy the best CBD products online in Canada.

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CBD oil can be added to almost any type of food or drink, making it incredibly versatile. Especially if you’re new to cannabis entirely, dabbing CBD oil might be the best place to start your concentrate journey. 


Not dissimilar to CBD oil, tinctures are liquid cannabis concentrates produced through an alcohol extraction process that leaves only certain cannabinoids (like CBD and THC). With an apothecary-style stopper, the cannabis oil inside can be collected and placed directly under your tongue or added to drinks and snacks. 

The effects are felt in about 20-30 minutes if consumed by placing directly under the tongue, and tinctures themselves come in a wide variety of potency and flavor. Unlike many other types of concentrates, tinctures off a non-smoking cannabis experience – something that many are drawn to.