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An Overview to Business Talent Migration to Australia

Some people are extremely talented, especially when it comes down to starting their own business. Australia offers a special program to help such experienced and talented businessmen to migrate to Australia and start their own business.

There is also a social Business Talent (PRS) scheme. This scheme allows highly skilled and experienced businessmen to migrate to Australia to start their own business. The state or territory government must sponsor businessmen who wish to apply for the scheme. You can navigate to to hire the best Australian business innovation visa consultants.

business innovation visa australia

Certain financial requirements must be met. Let’s discuss this below:

  • An applicant who wants to invest in Australia must have a minimum net worth of 1,500000 Australian Dollars.
  • You can include assets of your spouse and personal assets, as well as business assets. However, it must be legally acquired and not fraudulently used.
  • The amount above must be transferable within two years after the approval of the Business Talent Visa. This visa application is complex. It may involve many procedures. Expert immigration lawyers may be helpful.
  • The spouse and the candidate must have net assets of at least 4,00000 Australian Dollars in an eligible business.
  • Every applicant must follow this net assets criteria.
  • The applicant must own a minimum of two shares in the business talent application process.

The applicant must also have an ownership interest in a main business or another business that has a turnover of at least 3,00,000. Australian dollars per year. The ownership must be for at least two years within the last four years.This is where the immigration consultants can help you.

Moving to Australia is a smart decision. It’s something you should consider if you want to have a successful career and live a comfortable and luxurious life. Australia offers a favorable climate, great education, excellent job opportunities, and a place where you can grow personally. Moving to Australia can be a very profitable decision.