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An Informative Guide on Body Composition

Body composition analysis is a term commonly used in the fitness and health industry and helps determine the percentages of various elements in the body. Assessing these factors helps the doctor assess the person's current health status and possible changes they may need to make in their lifestyle and diet. 

What makes body composition analysis different from measuring your own weight on a scale is that two people of the same weight can have different amounts of fat and protein in their bodies.  Since the amount of fat and protein in the body determines a person's health condition, measuring weight alone is sometimes not enough. You can also look for a body composition analysis machine via

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How Does Bioelectric Impedance Analysis Show Body Composition?

Electrical impedance, measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis, consists of two main factors known as resistance and reactance. While resistance helps measure the total water content in the body, reactance helps measure the mass of body cells.

Parameters that can be measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis include

Body Cell Mass: The cell mass of the body includes all cells that can affect metabolism. This can include muscle cells, the nervous system, and even internal organs.

Percentage of Body Cell Mass: This is the percentage of body cell mass that is included in lean body mass.

Extracellular Mass: Extracellular mass includes all cells in the body that are metabolically inactive and do not play a role in body metabolism.