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Real Estate Attorney – Role and Responsibilities

Many of us may not realize how a simple-looking business of real estate may become complicated at times. As a matter of fact, in some particular situations, it really becomes as complicated as one may find hard to believe. Employing or hiring a real estate attorney thus becomes the need of the day whenever we plan to buy or sell a property. 

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• Who is a real estate attorney?

• What is his role?

• What are his responsibilities?

• How or why should we consider it a smart move to hire an attorney's services?

The answer to the question, who is a real estate attorney, is that he is supposed to be a person with:

• Complete knowledge of the industry

• Complete understanding of the related law(s)

• Has a pre-defined approach to real estate laws, rules, and regulations.

• Is a proven expert in his field

When one would require the services of a Real Estate Attorney?

There are no hard and fast rules that one must hire an attorney in every situation, but there are certain transaction situations, where the same may play a vital role. While purchasing a property in some townhouse or condominiums i.e. common interest development, for instance, to ensure that the buyers' interests are not being surrendered to the common interest entirely; seeking an attorney's advice is highly advisable.