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Flashing Cell Phone Batteries

Flashing cell phone batteries are those that illuminate light-emitting diodes whenever the phone rings or is in use. There are many types of flashing batteries available in the market such as lithium-ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.

These batteries are designed to provide the user with a visual signal instead of the normal ring as an indication of incoming calls. Another fringe benefit of such batteries is that they can be located in the dark and are visually amusing. Almost all the companies in the market sell these types of batteries on the Internet and at stores where you buy cell phones and cell phone accessories.

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Some designs available in the market include flashing white lights, oval colors, multicolor circles, red flowers, and red fireworks. The price of a flashing battery varies according to the type of LED’S (light-emitting diodes) that is used in it. The prices vary from $19 to $25 according to the color and design of the LEDs. All flashing batteries are sold with a transparent cover so that the flashing lights are clearly visible. These LED powered batteries can also be a suitable gift for cell phone users who like fancy accessories with their phones.

Cell phones can become an annoyance when they start ringing at the wrong time in the wrong place. The incessant ringing of a cell phone in a library, hospital, and theater, or in some professional settings, can be distracting, especially because silence or, at least, quiet ambiance, is required in such places.

Flashing cell phones provide the perfect solution for such scenarios and are much better than vibrating phones because flashing cell phone batteries can be kept anywhere in a room as opposed to vibrating features, which must be kept near the user to be effective.