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How A Rumen Buffer Drives Dairy Performance

The high productivity of dairy products is associated with the amount of fermented dairy feed to meet its nutritional needs. Dietary supplements such as rumen buffers can be a very effective way of regulating rumen pH and preventing some of the adverse health effects and products associated with low rumen pH.

Acid Buf has been used as a new rumen buffer in ruminant diets for many years. Acid Bufis is made from algae and 100% natural ingredients for animals. For more information about the best buffers for dairy cows, you can click here now.

,best buffers for dairy cow

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 Its unique marine mineral matrix uses excess acid in the rumen and regulates the long-term optimal pH value in the ruminant diets. At the same time, Acid Buf 74 provides soluble minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Acid Bufin, this study shows a significant increase in total milk production, which will provide economic benefits for milk producers. This article will also help dairy producers and nutritionists compare the different types of rumen buffer. 

Acid Bufs demonstrates possibly even greater feed efficiency benefits in the future. Sustainable agricultural and environmental regulations force dairy farmers to optimize milk production per kilogram of feed consumed by dairy cows.

Acid Buf offers a nutrient solution for:

-Increased production of milk and a milk fat

-Long-term optimization of the pH value on rumen 

-healthy rumen function, reduction of subclinical scar acidosis (SARA)

-Increased productivity per kilogram dry matter intake