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Reasons Why You Should Pursue An AWS Certification

In this era of widespread cloud adoption, a solid foundation in cloud fundamentals is valuable for a wide range of employees. For IT experts like you, training often leads to the ultimate validation of your skills: a technical certification.

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Certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you many tangible benefits that help you showcase your achievement and further advance your career in the cloud.

You’ll gain new skills

Whether you’re new to cloud technology or looking to improve your skills, AWS certifications help you learn what you need to know and then demonstrate your proven knowledge of cloud computing.

Get AWS Certified: Solutions Architect - Associate Challenge

With new and improved skills, you can advance to new areas. You can even steer the direction of your organization’s cloud initiatives.

AWS certifications can lead to better jobs

As you expand your knowledge and improve your resume, you will be qualified to apply for advanced jobs that require in-depth cloud knowledge. Your certificate demonstrates your commitment to cloud computing and lifelong learning, making you a candidate and a desirable asset to employers.

90% of companies that employ AWS Certified IT Pro say they trust the certification process to prepare employees to work in the cloud*.

You will gain confidence and work at a higher level

With hands-on labs, in-depth instruction, and immersion in a curriculum developed by AWS experts, you can rest assured that the knowledge you gain through the certification process will be immediately applied to your work. And your certificate confirms your cloud skills.

You become part of a global community of cloud experts

After earning your first AWS certification, you are eligible to join and connect with a global community of cloud professionals. You will have access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn community, receive invitations to exclusive events, and be accepted into AWS Certification Salons at AWS re: Invent and select AWS Summit events.