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Sitting With Hemorrhoids and the Magic of Cushions

If you know someone who had hemorrhoids before, they can attest to the itchiness, swelling and severe pain, which some may believe is one of the most painful experiences of their lives. However, since developing hemorrhoids is a pretty common thing with 90% of the population to experience this condition sometime in their lives, it's good to know how you can get relief from hemorrhoids if you are one of the unfortunates.

For hemorrhoid sufferers, best comfort seat cushion can be their best friend. Although it would not cure the hemorrhoids, it would help you throughout the discomfort and pain you'd encounter while having hemorrhoids.

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These cushions are small inflatable rings, which looks like the tubes kids wear in a pool. Every time you sit on these cushions, it helps relieve the pressure placed on the hemorrhoids, which in turn, promotes faster healing and reduces pain.

One of the main causes of hemorrhoids is a prolonged sitting position, probably if the patient has a desk job or he or she is a frequent traveler that requires them to sit for more than 12 hours at a time.

Although there are different reasons for someone to develop hemorrhoids, one thing that the sufferers can attest to is that the most painful thing about having this condition is sitting down. Fortunately, a cushion takes away the fear of sitting down when you have hemorrhoids.