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Kate Spade

Kate Spade: Style Up Your Home with Lighting Designs

A poorly lit workspace can diminish the beautifully constructed offices. However, lighting designs is the main component of any workspace as it can influence the opinions of staff and guests, focus, and productivity. By learning some principles of lighting designs, you can more outfit your facilities with Kate Spade lights that promote an efficient place of business.

Lighting Designs Considerations for Your Home

Lights can seem like a simple and easy decision if you don’t like to overthink them. But when you take all the considerations from different aspects which go into making a workspace well-lit, you see how complicated the process may be. There are a few lighting designs tips and concepts to consider when choosing the office lighting:

  1. Light Brightness and Distribution:

Daylight is an amazing resource, but you have to think that how it will interact with your artificial light inside your building. For instance, working in the office environment with optimized natural light has decreased symptoms in blurred vision, eyestrain, and headaches. Moreover, these are some symptoms that are detracting from productivity. You can create this type of environment in your place by varying the amount of inclement and cloud cover weather that reduces the amount of lights available.

  1. Conservation of Energy:

Many older lighting designs types are fluorescents and incandescent, and they consume a huge amount of energy as compared to others. Replace these kinds of bulbs with LED is one of the best ways to save energy which is good for both the bottom line and the environment.

  1. The Appearance of The Space and Luminaires:

Besides light interaction and efficiency of light, you have to keep the physical appearance of the light fixtures. Your lighting design should match the feel of your office space and be aesthetically pleasing. Luminaires refer to various light fixtures, which include direct and indirect pendants, wall wash lights, recessed lights, task lights, and under-cabinet lights. In addition, an effective luminaire combination can create an expert lit area.

  1. Glare:

There are some different types of glare which include reflective and direct glares. Direct glare represents the view of a light source typically in high contrast to its surroundings, and sunlight and lamps can cause it. Reflective glare is more challenging to deal with as it has come from items like desks, glossy paper, and computer screens. Reflective glare means you will need to consider the surface color in your room as well as the diffusion of the light sources. Surfaces and matte walls help to reduce the reflected glare, while indirect lighting helps to reduce the glare from the light itself.

  1. The Appearance of Color:

Generally, people choose a light bulb that emits white color. But there are also much more colors of light than that. These different colors consist the different color temperature that has varying physiological effects on you. For example, warm lights are cozier and used in restaurants; you can also add these in your lobby and break room. On the flips side, cool colors mimic natural daylight in your place.


You have to take a few considerations to choose the perfect Kate Spade lighting for your home.