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Fun Things to Do With Your Kids During School Vacation In Sacramento

The week of the school holidays has arrived and you find that you haven’t made any plans. You want to do fun things with your kids, but your mind is blank. Here are some fun and very inexpensive things to do in Roseville at

Watch a show – be it a movie, live theatre, circus, comedian or band, let yourself be entertained by others! It can be as simple as having dinner at a local restaurant with live entertainment. 

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Go for a walk – watch out for the weather and take the kids outside for some fresh air. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a warm place, just pair it with your winter gear. You can even make a list of things you can find during your hike to make it even more interesting.

Schedule a Cleaner Hunt – Hunting marbles is like writing a letter for a mental block. Make a list of clues and hide small gifts (candy, chewing gum, small toys, movie tickets) to find them.

Set up a book exchange – Send emails to friends and relatives and set up a book exchange. Children bring up to 3 age-appropriate books, use with care. Mom can bring books too! Open your house for an hour or two, and maybe even ask each mom to bring something for lunch. Another option is to play bingo and let the kids win their “new” book.

Watch the Animals – Visit a zoo or aquarium and let the kids explore the habitats of other living creatures.