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Corporate Event Throwdown – A Challenge for Event Planners

Corporate events can be boring. Event planners must create a program that builds a tribe. You would love to challenge your sales team to solve their problems, and to move beyond the politics of team politics to empower your tribe as sales reps.

The Challenge – Guiding Your Team to Success!

Begin by scheduling a weekend of classic corporate training with a dance or show band on stage. This will provide Saturday night entertainment. Next, organize a showcase event in the morning. You can watch and try the dance video challenges through

Platform-based training is a way to manage teams, solve problems, and create highly interactive sales groups. Sales team throwdowns are a popular concept in these days of extreme throwdowns, physical challenges, and cooking contests. First, the training.

Speed Training Programs for Kids with Play.

You can set up the space with two tables, which is just right for role-playing. Next, choose sides. Divide 1/2 by 2, and send the 2's on the left and the 1's on the right. Each team should have a captain who will conduct the training.

Afternoon Training Event

Five sales reps create a compelling sales pitch together. This is then ready for the telemarketers to use before they send in the sales team. These powerful pitches can be read during the dinner hour to encourage and challenge team members to improve their communication skills.