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Choosing A Sexual Harassment Lawyer In Toronto

If you find yourself in the difficult position of filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, you’ll want to consult with a sexual harassment lawyer right away. You should always consult your human resources department when you believe you have been harassed, but you might want to consult an attorney at this point as well.

So if HR doesn’t respond appropriately, or the situation persists or escalates, you’re ready to take the next step. A hostile environment is one in which an employee feels uncomfortable because of an employer or colleague’s words or actions, usually of a sexual nature.

Any offended employee can file a sexual harassment complaint. You can also browse to know more about sexual harassment laws from the best attorney in Toronto.

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That is when two employees tell a joke, but a third employee who hears it is offended; he can still sue. Offensive comments or actions that reflect an employee’s race, sexual orientation, gender, or religion are also considered to create a hostile environment and may be subject to action.

In addition to notifying your company’s human resources department and consulting an attorney, you must document the situation. Track the hours and details of each event and paste inappropriate copies of emails or images. This will help you present your case and help your attorney decide your case.

An attorney can also assist in deciding whether other illegal activities, such as B. Discrimination, are conducted separately from harassment. This is quite common and can worsen your case and qualify you for additional settlements.

When it comes to choosing your attorney, if possible, get a referral from someone you trust. Even if you don’t have a referral, talk to several different attorneys before making a decision. Vote for those who advertise their experiences in the field of sexual harassment, not just labor laws.