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Brief Overview on ESD Floor System

Electric discharge is defined as the charge transfer between objects at different electrical potential. Electric discharge can alter the electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices, destroy it or decompose it. 

It can also reverse the normal operation of the electronic system, causing equipment malfunction or failure. Electrostatic discharge may cause damage or malfunction of electronic equipment.

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The need for a reliable floor will become very important in the areas where advanced electronics are used for life saving, perform secure transactions, protect our airspace or provide mission-critical services. 

In order to produce safely and dependably electronics, we will need a floor other than the static charge. We need a reliable ESD flooring surface that also prevents static events from occurring in the first place.

Although the mat has always been one of the most stable and durable and most resilient flooring materials. Earlier anti-static mat only available in carbon coated black versions of the material, which most people have found either bad or looks dirty, so it is considered not suitable for large areas or rooms that were clean.