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An Introduction to Truffle Salts

Truffles, also known as "chocolate mushrooms" are a delicacy all around the world. A truffle is essentially the fruiting body of underground ascomycete fungi, primarily one of the larger species of this genus, Tuber. It can also be identified by having white spots on the exterior and yellow interior, which can range from cream to yellow. In addition to Tuber, other fungi are categorized as truffles, including Geopora, Peziza, Choiromyces, and more than a hundred others. They come in a variety of colors and can be eaten as a delicious candy treat.

Truffles are noted for their highly flavored, smooth interior with varying amounts of seeds and fungi. The most common type of this fungi is the black truffle, which has a white interior with black spots on it. When this type of black truffle sea salt is used in cooking, it can produce a delicious aroma that is quite common with chocolate truffles.

In order to retain this wonderful flavor, truffle salt must be carefully handled. The higher the quality of truffle salt, the better the flavor. While the highest quality truffle salt is expensive, you can still find it at a reasonable price by searching the web. You can also find truffles at specialty food stores and some grocery stores. If you buy it in bulk, you can save even more money.

It is possible to find truffle salt in various forms. One way is to purchase the product in a block or chunk form. Since it has a higher concentration of flavor, these smaller truffle-sized pieces are better for cooking and storing. When buying in a block, be sure to inspect the back for any pieces that have been broken off or have been exposed to heat. When buying in a chunk, be sure to inspect the truffle closely for any white wax pieces that may have been left behind. Typically, truffle salt is sold as a bag, but if you would like to use a container then feel free to do so.

Another option is to make your own black truffle salt. Many people find that when making their own salts they are able to add a greater amount of flavor to the product. This is because they can control the moisture content. Another benefit to using your own recipes is that you can vary the number of seasonings that you put into them. For instance, you might put a larger amount of ginger root in a recipe that would normally be used with just a small amount of cinnamon.

Most Italian black truffle salt comes from Italy and is prepared by using its salty air and sun drying process. When making your own Italian truffle salt, it is important that you realize that not all manufacturers process the wood in the same way. Some may use flat rock as well as chips to process the wood. By using this method, each piece of wood is ground differently which affects the distinctive taste of each individual grain. Since each piece of wood is processed differently, the resulting product will vary between individual brands.

The main ingredient in this popular Italian black summer truffle salt is Monsavie di Montalcino, which is a form of monosodium glutamate. This specific form of monosodium glutamate is highly regarded among food experts and chefs. The reason it is so highly regarded is that it has a very distinct flavor, but it is also highly resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. Although monosodium glutamate can be extracted from other types of foods, it is especially valued for being so difficult to grow. It is this tough quality that makes monsavie di Montalcino so ideal for this particular type of Italian truffle.

Most of the time, truffle salts will be sold in baggies rather than packets. However, if you do decide to purchase them as a packet, it is important that you use a good quality sealing sealer. Buying bulk truffle salts in bulk can save you money as well as significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on the preparation and cooking of your meals.