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An Intro about Power Tool Batteries

Cordless power tools may be heavier than corded ones but the extra mobility afforded is important for both homeowners and professional craftsmen alike. Advancements in battery technology have made cordless power tools as powerful as corded ones.

Packing more power into the same volume of battery definitely extends how long your tool can be used away from the mains and what sort of work it can do. You can buy Sony 18650 battery via

Therefore, the cardinal aims of battery manufacturers are making batteries that run longer, provide more power and weigh less. Nickel Cadmium batteries come with power tools without first cable but were defeated by Nickel Metal Hydride battery efficiency.

Lately, battery technologies in most new devices have Lithium-Ion batteries. Lithium-Ion battery pack more capacity and can, therefore, longer between recharging time. This makes them perfect for those who worked for some quiet time with their tools because it increases the time it takes before the need to pop out the battery means working with your tools again.

In addition, a Lithium-Ion battery does not show oddities charging nickel-based batteries. You do not need to keep the charging process. You can set it to fill and go without worrying about damage from overcharging or disposal is not complete.

Yet another advantage of Lithium-Ion batteries for power tools is that it is lighter than nickel-based batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries have a high energy density which means they pack more charges per each specific volume.