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A Quick Process To Installing A Bathroom Mirror

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom or simply change out the mirror, this guide will show you how to install a bathroom mirror quickly and easily. In just a few steps, you can have a new mirror in your bathroom that will give the space an entirely new look. 

Step 1: Mark Locations for Holes Drill holes in the wall where you will be mounting your mirror, making sure that the space is big enough to fit both the mirror and its hardware. Using a level, mark horizontal lines on both vertical studs to help guide you when drilling holes for the hangers. You can also search online for more shower mirror fitting methods.

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Step 2: Drill Holes and Hang Mirror After measuring twice, drill holes into your wall at each of the four marks found on each stud. Then use a screwdriver to hang the mirror by threading screws through the back of it. Mount one of two hangers onto each corner of your mirror as instructed with it, then use a level to make sure that the mirror is vertical.

Step 3: Hang Hardware After mounting both hangers, you can hang your hardware on them. The amount of hardware will depend on the size and type of mirror you bought. Follow the instructions provided with each piece to complete this step. 

You can even search online for more information about bathroom mirror fitting.